Leading Your Life with Kindness

Good Merry Morning everybody! Hope you have all had a wonderful week and are looking forward to a beautiful weekend! This week’s blog post will be a little different from the last few, but I feel like it is an important topic to talk about, especially at this time of year! The title of this post has been deemed as…

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All The Juice You Need For Summer

Can you believe that we are already dipping our toes in the month of November? I can’t.  As many people say year after year, I feel like 2018 has flown by. It’s true – I guess when they say ‘time fly’s when you’re having fun’ they mean it. I was thinking, that as we are in the season of Summer,…

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Hello, Hello, Hello!

Hello everyone and welcome! This is the very first blog post for Get A Life Season 3, and my fingers cannot type fast enough! This is pretty much just an introductory post, letting all of you Life Lovers know that every week, you will be hearing from me, getting a little something extra in the way of Get A Life,…

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