Season 1 Episode 6

We hope that your holidays with your families, friends and loved ones were filled with joy, positivity and happiness. I equally hope you had time to relax and reflect about where you are at, and truly think about what you want for yourself this year.


Is this your year to finally reach your health and fitness goals?


Kathy Mckenzie, our resident coach, and Kylie Conway, our fitness expert, have given us some great tips on how to get our health and fitness ball rolling.. and stay on track! Their tips on how to handle emotional eating, creating an overall positive vision for what you want to look and feel like, and planning and preparing your meals for the week, were great motivators for 2016!


Is this your year to try something new, and open up your mind to adding some new abilities to your umbrella of skills? Have you always wanted to know what it is like to think and work like a psychic? Pam Bradbury took us through a very insightful and entertaining workshop on how to acquire and develop some psychic awareness! I reckon she was quite successful at unmasking a couple of participants who might become her competition one day! Watch this space!


But most importantly, is it YOUR year to finally take charge and let go of your fears that are holding you back from really achieving what you want?


In the last few episodes of our show, we have introduced the concept of Emotional Healing Work, and the process of how to heal our minds from negative experiences. We’ve spoken about clearing your emotional baggage so you can push past your self-limiting beliefs and fears, to reach your fullest potential, no matter who you are, and what challenges lie before you. In our show, we’ve taken you through a couple of techniques to healing your mind. Firstly, we start with our “Awareness”, that there is something wrong, a feeling that is bothering us. It could be anxiety, fear, insomnia or anger, and it is preventing us from feeling good in our life. Bridy Fulvio, from Mind Talk, and George Gintilas, from Elwood Centre For Wellbeing, are two holistic practitioners, who are paving the way to helping people heal from all walks of life. They heal people by following through with physical techniques that clear the energetic areas of your body, as the stressful toxic energy that is caused by early trauma can be blocked in and around your organs, so releasing this trauma has to be done quite intricately, and with great care. Bridy uses a tapping technique to release stress in her patients, whereas George’s sessions help you clear your mind in a meditative state, followed by a more physical technique to fight and block out a negative energy from your life. I find both of their work to be awe inspiring!


So how do these deep seeded negative feelings develop?


The adult mind is a very powerful instrument. It can dictate how we see the world, and how we even see ourselves. We perceive situations in our lives based through the way we think, and the way we see things happening to us. As adults receiving positive or negative memories, we can easily put these into little protective safety boxes, and we are aware that they can be managed, referred and reflected upon by us, when and if we need to access them, as they are stored in our conscious mind. However, in our early years of childhood, our minds are more spongelike, sensitively storing positive or negative feelings deep into our brain’s subconscious, otherwise known as the Subconscious Mind, the part of our mind that we are not conscious of. These negative memories in children are perceived as negative “feelings”, and without having the mature awareness to fully rationalise what those memories were about and why they happened, they can remain stuck inside our body’s nervous system as an unexplained fearful feeling, that stays with us through adulthood, triggering negative behavioural reactions in us that just don’t serve us anymore. They then begin to inhibit our personal growth, and our bodies begin to tell us that it is time to get rid these “little boxes of fear”.


So let me leave you all with an inspirational thought, on what I have come to understand about fear itself, that may be able to help you eliminate it permanently from your life.

“You are made of so much more than your fears. You are made of the powerful energy of the universe, and your fear is the shivering little box that is dangling off your feet..begging you to hold onto it..begging, no PLEADING.. for you to stay bound to the ground. But life is too short. So you have to spread your wings and fly…and fly you must, with every strength you have, you must just lift that dangling box of fear…and just hurl it up into the vast blue skyline.. so it can be gathered and loved and protected by the stars, who will in turn, shine right back on you. So get ready, for this is the start of your journey, back to The Power Of You”.


Nicole Salinger.

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