Didn’t Episode 1 get off to a “jumping” start?


Starting the fun at Bounce Inc, we were introduced to a variety of inspiring guests who are all so passionate about sharing what they do, to help others make positive changes in their lives.


Dont you just love the idea of making positive improvements in your lives?


Let’s get together and recap who you met in this episode, because so far, I am completely amazed and star struck by the different kinds of healthy lifestyle experts we have on this program!


First, I’d like to introduce Kathy McKenzie, a gifted life coach and dynamic owner of FIREUP Coaching, a life coaching education and training facility in Melbourne, Australia. Kathy is so full of positive energy, and for the next 12 weeks, she will take you on a journey to helping you make the positive changes you want in your life through her personal coaching tips!


Do you want to get healthy and feel fantastic?


Erica King, our resident nutritional and fitness expert, will give us all the tips and tricks and weekly challenges so we can become the best version of ourselves!


Do you need to break some bad habits that are holding YOU back from creating your greatest self?


Melitta Hardenberg, from Breaking Bad Habits, is on the show to improve our Wellness and help us retain our good habits to reach our optimum health!


Do you need to improve your movement patterns to gain better posture and overall wellbeing?


Melissa McDougall from Growing Bones is an innovative osteopath, and she works to improve the movement patterns from babies to adults. She has a few services that she’s created …along with an app of her services for her clients to track their prescribed exercises at home or in their own time! 


And lastly.Do you believe in spirits?


We are so excited to have the delightful Pam Bradbury, the well known psychic and medium, on our show! Pam generously invited us into her amazing world of Spiritual Clarity and Connectedness. Pam describes her work, as ‘seeing the invisible, and believing in the incredible”. Her gift to the world, is being able to work through her inner senses, and channel what she sees, feels and hears, into information via words or sometimes pictures, to enable us, the subject, to connect with our loved ones on the other side.


So have you ever had a psychic reading? Ive had a few.. but I have never been read by an actual medium before!


Pam believes that beyond our life here on earth, there is also a vast, spiritual universe that exists alongside our own, full of loved ones that still want to connect with us, even if they have passed. Sometimes they want to send us their messages, just to know that they are ok, and that you are still in their thoughts.


But I think that Pam is really more than a medium! Through Pam’s readings, she hands you your guidance, and helps you think BEYOND what you are capable of in this life. She focuses on the life affirming aspects of your future, to motivate and inspire you to shift your perspective…to start you on the road to redefining yourself.


What did you think of her reading with Alyce Platt and her mother? I was amazed! If you are interested in getting a reading from Pam.. contact her at or at getalife.tv!


Next week on Get A Life, Melitta Hardenberg, from “Breaking Bad Habits” will  discuss how we can break unhealthy habits to then lead happy, healthier lives. Growing Bones, the osteopathic practise, will also be back to discuss the links between our physical movement and our emotional health, can’t wait for that!


So stay tuned for Get A Life Australia, premiering next Wednesday night at 8PM on Channel 7’s TV4ME, and let it be a show that will change your life for the better!


I’ll be releasing a new wellness blog each Thursday morning and would love to hear your comments and feedback. You can contact me in the comments below or via nicole@getalife.tv.


What did you think of Get A life’s first episode? Hit me up with a comment or email and let me know!!!


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