Are you ready to “Make That Change”,  to improve your mind, body and soul? I love the idea of Change! Change always begins with baby steps doesn’t it? One foot in front of the other. One single step at a time!


Are you on the verge of seeking some long term change?


Well, in last night’s program, our experts led us to a very common element, an element of where change actually begins, and it starts with a single,  unique factor, your infinitely powerful MINDSET – our thinking process!


Think of the stepping stones to change like building a foundation to a house. If we make small, incremental foundations in our thinking process to more positive thoughts, then we can get the positive changes we want out of life!


For example, I’ve always found food and dieting to be really challenging! It requires so much self control, right? Diets always scared me and intimidated me throughout my life. But last night, Erica King, our resident chef, actually started shifting my nutritional mindset by showing me what our portion sizes should look like to keep our bodies in tip-top shape!


But instead of just telling us what to do, she gave an analogy instead. Something for us to THINK ABOUT, and slowly retain. It went something like this: “Have a large breakfast like a QUEEN, a medium lunch like a PRINCESS, and a small dinner like a PAUPER!” How awesome is that? Such a simple idea. An idea that shifts our brain ever so slightly, to a “challenged” state. And as long as we can challenge you, and create small shifts in your thinking, there is sure to be “Change” for you here at Get A Life!


Did you know that this idea of a small shift in your mindset can also help you break a long lasting bad habit?


Melitta Hardenberg, from Breaking Bad Habits, discussed the small steps to breaking bad habits, and how to do it properly and methodically to then formulate positive habits for yourself when it comes to your overall wellbeing. To truly break a bad habit, whether it’s physical, mental or harmful to your health, you must take a step back, recognise what your habit is, and then work out what your “triggers” are. A trigger can be a thought, or a strong, instinctual feeling that appears in your mind, and it can be responsible for your bad habits. Like the midnight sugar-craving habit! We all have experienced this one time or another. Haven’t we?


So this idea of a “trigger” made me think – what are OUR personal triggers for this midnight snacking phenomenon? What are the thoughts or feelings that makes US reach for some chocolate at 11pm before bed?  So I stopped and asked myself, “Nicole, am I eating out of boredom? Do I really need a sugar hit or do I just need to drink some water? Am I frustrated and stressed after a long day at work? Or am I just in a sugar slump after putting my kids to sleep?”


Then the most amazing thing happened! It did feel like a shift!


I found that choosing to search for my triggers, allowed me to recognise what lay at the core of my habits! I just took a step back, calmed down my thoughts, and then listened to my own body, and what it was actually telling me.  By doing this bit of self-investigation, I enabled my negative thinking to start floating away, by telling myself that I just needed to relax and chill after a long day BEFORE opening up the pantry. That my body deserves more than just sugar. It deserves rest and self care, even for 10 minutes, just clearing my head. Here I am giving room for more positive self belief systems to enter into my mindset. In this instance.. I attempted to teach myself, to retool my brain to form positive, healthy thoughts and hopefully, new and improved habits for my wellbeing!


So, could the power of positive thoughts affect our ability to achieve personal and professional goals in our lives as well?


Kathy Mckenzie, from Fire Up Coaching, believes it can! She spoke about the power of our minds, and how altering our thoughts to more positive ones can even help us reach our greatest potential in our relationships, both personal and professional.


To take us one step further, she also left us with a very interesting thought. That for this “shift” in mindset to occur even further, we need to change our “Self-Talk” to make room for more positivity to enter our minds!


What is our Self-Talk?


Self-Talk is how we critically speak to ourselves, it partly comes from our self-belief system, that has been ingrained in us and built by not only us, but our outside influences as well, all throughout our lives. So sometimes we can get stuck in a negative mindset. So in order to shift our current mindset to a more positive one, we need to REPHRASE what we critically say to ourselves, which takes daily practice!


So instead of telling yourself a negative criticism, like, C’mon Nicole, you CANNOT possibly achieve that”, which limits your self belief system, you need to start telling yourself a newer TAGLINE, like, “C’mon Nicole, don’t be afraid of failing, you CAN do it, just give it a go!”, which then puts you on a more motivated, unlimited path to follow, full of stepping stones to a brighter, more confident YOU.


What new and improved tag line are you going to use for yourself this week? Let us know!!


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