Are you getting ready to make some changes to get the BEST out of your life?


I was super excited to start the show in a fitness environment, to introduce you to the wonderful elements of Fitness and Personal training. Personally speaking, I am a HUGE fitness fan! I classify myself as a real “social exerciser”, so I love going to my weekly gym classes, where I can get fit, get motivated, and socialize at the same time! Coincidentally, Melitta Hardenberg, from Breaking Bad Habits, said that the best way to start a good habit, is to start exercising! I also believe in this train of thought, and today I will explain WHY fitness and movement is so good for your health, and what the effects of Fitness can do for your Mindset.


Why do I love fitness? Because it’s a physical activity that is medicine for my body. It gets my heart pumping, it gives my cells oxygen, it wakes me up to face my day, and it makes me feel strong to tackle whatever challenges I have to face in my life! But most of all, fitness has the magical elements of opening up your mind, body and soul to form emotional connections around you to improve your entire wellbeing!


Are you just getting started on your fitness journey? Are you ready to make some fitness changes? Let’s get motivated and start a new fitness habit!!!


So where do we start?


To get your ball rolling, it’s really good to try a few different fitness options you can choose from in your area. For example, you can join a local Personal Training Studio so you can get motivated by a fitness coach, AND you could join a local gym to try a few different group fitness classes, and to meet like minded people who also like to get fit! This way, you are taking the small steps to creating a good healthy habit for yourself, and then putting yourself out there in a local gym community so you can have social interactions to invigorate your mind, body and soul.


Last night, we gave you two examples of the kinds of activities you can choose to create a new, inspired mindset.


To go with a personal approach, we kicked off the show at PT 469 , a local personal training studio in Melbourne. There we met Nick , a personal fitness trainer (PT) who owns the studio, and trains people for a living. A personal trainer is a fitness professional that coaches you in a physical capacity to reach your highest potential in your levels of strength, power, and cardio training. The exercises that are chosen for you will depend on your fitness levels, and can consist of a mix of high and low intensity, and upper and lower body exercises. You can begin your journey with a personal trainer to kick start your fitness goals at your own level, or you can choose to work with a trainer for a longer period of time! Basically, your PT will design a personal program for you, that can range from a minimum of 30 minutes a session, or 45 – 60 mins a session.


Having a PT starts you on your road not only to fitness, but also to clarity. This is because you are starting to move your body in ways that will be new to you, and you’ll start to concentrate on the moves and exercises, and less on your thoughts. Exercising is like a meditation. You can turn off your thoughts while letting your body take over. In fitness speak, this is called “Being In The Zone”, which refers to the feeling of being in the present moment in your activity, and letting your mind relax while your are expending physical energy and letting your heart pump and your muscles move. Your release of physical energy opens up your mind and soul as well, so your free flowing energy is circling around you even after you’ve finished your fitness regime. No wonder we feel so good after doing your physical activity! And it’s then no wonder that we become motivated more and more to create our own fitness success stories!


What if fitness was not your thing, and you’d prefer to go with a community and social approach?


Well, Melissa McDougall, from Growing Bones, believes in the emotional connections that can grow through the freedom of music and pure physical movement. So, she holds Biodanza classes, a South American program which is a fusion of music, movement, and social interaction. It is an organic way of freeing up our emotions, through expressively moving and swaying to music. In Biodanza, you can relearn to bridge the gap of connection with others, which in turn, can help you lead a more fulfilling, happier life. Particularly in today’s digital world, I think that classes like Biodanza are so helpful from a social standpoint, as this class encourages interactive behavior and it gives us a break from our digital habits! In this way, classes like Biodanza help us fuse our Mind, Body and Souls so we can develop a solid, healthy mindsets for ourselves.


So, now that we’ve established that physical movement can indeed improve the essence of who you truly are, and bring you a fitter mindset, isn’t it time to bring this sense of mindful positivity into our relationships as well?


Our resident life coaches, Kathy McKenzie and Dean Casamento, spoke about how to enhance our personal relationships with our loved ones. Amazingly, they spoke of how you need to have a solid relationship with yourself FIRST, to enhance quality of a relationship with someone else.


So, the question is, how do we get there? How do we get solid with ourselves, so that we then have a solid platform to then merge healthily in a relationship with someone else?


The answer is inside of YOU. You need to build the stepping stones in yourself to create the masterpiece of YOU. That means conquering your own version of success in whatever you want to achieve, and it often starts in a physical sense… because physical activity is the first step to opening up your Mind, Body and Soul. And with each step you take, whether its one to improve your social, mental, physical or emotional state, take these stones and start building your own personal monument, and you will then acquire happiness and inner peace, and total acceptance of yourself. Thats how you develop a solid relationship with yourself FIRST. Knowing who you truly ARE.


Keep up the good work, and if you have any questions with regards to last night’s show, drop us a line at!

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