Last week we discussed to the stepping stones to making healthy changes in your life, from a PHYSICAL standpoint. Have YOU decided to add some physical activity into your daily routine?  Are you getting ready to personally add some small changes to finally get the BEST out of your life?

Sometimes when we want to make some permanent changes in our lives, it helps if we perceive the big picture of our life as a “Work In Progress”. When we choose to give ourselves time to progress down that journey of change, we can slowly build the solid foundations of our monumental selves.

So what are those INITIAL steps in our MINDS we can really take to propel ourselves forward , to wipe the slate clean, and really help redefine ourselves and redesign our lives, in our relationships, in our work, and in our lifestyles, with a positive mindset? Today we are going to show you how to “Move Forward in your life”, so you can start a new routine with an OPEN MIND, feeling refreshed, rebooted and ready to take on your future!

Have you ever looked at some people and wondered, how they remain so happy and positive? Do you ever look at them in awe, wishing that you could be exactly like them, because then your life would be perfect? I think we all do to a certain extent. When it comes to my own body image, for example, I’ll always compare myself to a picture of a celebrity mum in a magazine,  or I will compare my body to that of a fellow gym goer who is half my size.  And sometimes I wonder, who is the real critic at work here… in my head? Who is the negative person, standing over my shoulder, giving negative self talk to my thinking patterns? Noone has made me think like this….but ME.

Negative self talk, especially when it comes to your body image, is deeply draining and can be so debilitating to your spirit that at times, some women, young and old, find it hard to even look in the mirror. Negative self talk can paralyse your thinking and poison your positive energy, so much so that it can prevent you from even walking into a gym, let alone starting a fitness and health regime!
It wasn’t until I worked with a personal coach and discovered that I had negative thinking patterns from old childhood memories that “ I wasn’t good enough”, that were preventing me from moving forward, that I stopped, gave myself space, retooled my brain and transformed my thoughts into positive ones. It took time, and a few different methods later, but today I am a new woman with no negative thoughts holding me back!

Speaking about the methods, last night we spoke of an empowering method called Faster EFT, a mind transformation technique, full of tools that can help heal and release the thoughts, feelings, emotions and limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves, so we can become the kind of people we are born to be. Someone who wholeheartedly believes in this process, is Bridy Fulvio, a qualified Faster EFT practitioner, lifestyle and success coach. She is the founder of Mind Talk – Mindset Transformation, and her coaching business, Mind Talk, has your solution at hand to break down negative, destructive thought patterns, and retool your belief system to a more positive one to reach your potential and life’s purpose!

Faster EFT deals with healing the subconscious mind, the powerhouse behind our behaviour, our personality and our beliefs about ourselves.  But, the subconscious mind is the part of our mind that we are not conscious of,  but has been used as a filter for our thoughts from the time we were very little. If we experienced trauma at a young age, when our emotions were still very sensitive, our reaction from that trauma of long ago might still be trapped inside our subconscious minds, and in our reactive, nervous system. So if an occurrence or situation happens as an adult, we can sometimes be reactive with particular behaviour patterns that might not be serving us anymore, as our outer life and situation has moved on, but our reactive patterns haven’t.

By releasing the trauma associated with an old memory, the memory can be flipped and released from your energy space. So eventually, I flipped my own  negative feelings about my body by doing a lot of  inner coaching work, and also by becoming a fitness instructor, by gifting others with motivation and confidence while teaching exercise. Suddenly the need for other’s approval about my body got RELEASED. Out went fear & shame, and in came love, acceptance, inspiration and POWER. I started receiving gifts that went far BEYOND the limitations that I had set there previously….because suddenly I saw myself and my gifts to others beyond COMPARE. 

The same can be said for how to move on in relationships.

Last night we were blessed with Kathy McKenzie, our resident personal coach, and Dean Casamento, our relationship coach, as they gave us some tools on how to heal from broken relationships. When a relationship ends, there is generally a grieving process that occurs. To help us through this process, Kathy and Dean gave us a few helpful tips to thinking proactively about the experience, and how it can really be looked on as a gift and a life lesson, rather than a negative experience. I thought this was so helpful!!! These tips included the following:

1.Taking a Step Back 

In order to process a break up in a positive way, give yourself some time to feel the pain and hurt, accept that it is there, but realise that it is only temporary.

2. Think Objectively

When you are ready, sink into a moment of quiet stillness. Look at your role in that relationship objectively. Be accepting of that relationship, and thank that person for the positive AND negative BENEFITS in that experience with them, and the REWARDS of self-awareness you received from that person.

3. Every Relationship Is Your Teacher, Not Your Mistake

Every relationship in your storybook of life, is about propelling you to GREATNESS and to GROWING and becoming your BEST SELF. Until you say “Thank You” to that person for giving you that authentic experience, for helping you discover who you REALLY ARE, your negative feelings about that entire relationship will control your life, and it will manifest itself in your other relationships!

And, as Pam Bradbury, our resident psychic and medium often reminds us, everything that happens to us is part of something BIGGER to grow WITHIN us. So in life, we are always being propelled forward. We are always being guided, whether its by loved ones on the other side, or by the teachers and situations we experience here on earth. Moving Forward is the key. Whether its in a new Tesla Car, or whether it’s adding new nutritional elements by Erica King, into your fitness or health regime, we look forward to seeing how you run this week!

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