Are you getting ready for the festive season with your families and loved ones?

Every year at this time, I cherish the moments of being able to reflect upon my life. Like a movie reviewer, I think about the positive things that I learnt about myself and others this year and the negative things that I decided to let go of. I start listing on paper the things that I achieved, and the smaller goals I want yet to conquer. This moment of quiet reflection, this sacred practice of appreciating your life’s path, is called having “Gratitude”.

So let me explain what “Gratitude” is, as it is a modern term of self-healing, of settling your mindset into one of appreciation and positivity. So you can ultimately feel a tremendous sense of peace and happiness for the things in your life you DO have, as opposed to the things in life you are yet to receive.

In essence, feeling Gratuitous leads you to feeling thankful for the things that have brought great meaning to your life thus far, and keeps you in a positive mindset. So, the secret to your happiness often lies in remaining in a state of gratitude, of being aware of your life’s path, and simply accepting it for what it is, and BUILDING and ADDING more and more feelings of Gratitude into your bundle of happy thoughts, carrying them everywhere inside of you, so you can walk around and shine from the inside, much like the twinkly, holiday lights that glow all around us, around the world, during Christmas and the festive season.

Gratitude keeps us in a positive mindset and can be applied to many different aspects of our lives. Especially when it comes to our relationships with the ones we love.

Last night, I really enjoyed hearing Kathy McKenzie, our resident personal coach, explain how to manage our relationships towards a positive path of growth and fulfillment.

She spoke about looking at the positive aspects of your partner, and building the foundations of both of your positive qualities that you both bring into the relationship, rather than focusing wholeheartedly on the negative aspects of your partner. When Kathy said this, it again made me think about the glorious feeling of practising Gratitude in a relationship.

So what would that start to feel and look like, if you decided to throw in a cocktail of Gratitude and appreciation into the dynamic of YOUR relationship?

Let’s use a weighing scale as an example, one side being the positive side to your relationship, and the other side being the negative. Let’s say you consciously decided to change your mindset and ADD the mindful ingredients of gratitude and appreciation about your partner to your weighing scale. Eliminate the things that irritate you and just put them to the side for just a moment, especially if those things are very small. Then think about how much your partner’s qualities ADD to your life. Does that person, however different to you, LEVERAGE YOU? Do you incrementally build each other up and then leverage and balance each other? More importantly, have you grown and continue to grow from this relationship?

Do you see how you can be objective, and change your mindset just by being gratuitous and asking these questions to yourself? Your positive, gratuitous side would end up weighing more than the small irritants on the other side. So, over time, you strengthen and WEIGH more love and positivity into your relationship, by feeding it with positive qualities.

So what are you going to wish for this year? What is the greatest gift you can ask for, for yourself?

The gift of gratitude always wins. Feeling grateful always wins. And nowhere is this more true than when you first start giving gratitude to YOURSELF, and to the people that truly make your life rich inside your heart, so that in 2016, you can simply flourish.

From us all at Get A Life, we wish you a Happy Holiday filled with love, peace and positivity with your loved ones across the world. Give yourself permission to shine like the stars in the sky, and to “Make That Change” in 2016.

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