All The Juice You Need For Summer

All The Juice You Need For Summer

Can you believe that we are already dipping our toes in the month of November? I can’t.  As many people say year after year, I feel like 2018 has flown by. It’s true – I guess when they say ‘time fly’s when you’re having fun’ they mean it.

I was thinking, that as we are in the season of Summer, and slowly the world is shaking off its fuzzy socks and winter blankets, we too may need a few pick-me-up’s to help us feel as bright as our summers will be. Do you all agree? (Can’t hear you but I know you agree!)

I had a little gander at a few different juice recipes and found some that very well may be exactly what we all need so that we can take on summer feeling fresh, fabulous and fierce.


For some reason, winter and my face don’t really agree with each other. So, coming out of the cooler months, I like to give my skin a little detox and I will tell you what my all time favourite combo is, and why.

Carrot, Apple and Ginger.

Oooo, not everyone’s favourite combo? I know, I know. But their benefits are the greatest.

Carrots are known to be super beneficial, containing vitamin C, which help the production of collagen, translating into improved skin elasticity and waving goodbye to wrinkles. Vitamin A is another super-star, coming in the form of beta-carotene – this bad boy allows your skin to maintain its youthful appearance. I think that just sounds so lovely and I know you do to.

Apples are also a happy helper in the vitamin C department, helping with that production of collagen for skin that will snap back into place perfectly. I’m really selling it to you now, aren’t I?

Ginger, the little sucker, is a love or hate kind of thing for a lot of people but it actually contains a wondrous amounts of antioxidants. It helps against ageing and it also can even out your skin tone. Mix it all together and you have a match made in skin heaven.


So, though we have sun for longer and the weather isn’t cold, making us want to remain in our blanket cacoons forever, when all you want to do is just lay outside and listen to the breeze in the trees, get a tan and never put shoes on ever again, it can be difficult to wake up…I got your back in the form of a smoothie.

Kale, Spinach, Celery and Lemon.

Kale will give you a real energy-boost. It contains amino acids, which is awesome because it could also give you a little mental boost too.

Spinach, oh sweet spinach you strike again. Not only are you great with eggs and in a wrap, you’re also going to wake me up! Why? Because these green champions have a butt-load of iron in them, which will indeed perk you up when you’re tired, or when you have just woken up!

Celery follows in the footstep of its previously mentioned brethren, giving you all those lovely things that will help kick your body into gear.

Last but not least we have lemon, not only will the sour bunch pop your peepers wide open but lemons has a number of benefits like help your immune system and helping maintain the pH of your body.

I, myself, add a bit of apple or orange juice in there, to give it a little sweet kick, maybe some ice cubes to shake it up.

What a way to start the day.


Oh dear, digestion! Some of us are blessed with a fast metabolism and some of us just aren’t. Either way, we all want a healthy digestion because when we do, we feel GOOD and we also feel as light a feather. When it’s hot and all you want to is wear swimmers you don’t want to feel laggy and heavy and gross, do you? Nope. So, hear me out.

Pineapple, Pear, Cucumber, Ginger, Mint and Lemon.

Pineapple helps with your digestion because it help with the issue of bloating and also keeps you regular…if you know what I mean.

Pineapple helps to break down the proteins in all you consume, faster. Which allows you to digest quicker.

Pear, like his friend the pineapple, also helps in a healthy and safe way, to keep you on the loo at all the right times, keeping your digestive track smiling from ear to ear.

Cucumber is a great source of fibre and carries lots of other goodies like vitamin C and erepsin, which happens to be a protein that helps in digestion. (Yay)

Mint is actually not new and you probably already knew that it was a saviour in all things tummy related. Mint has been used for hundreds if not thousands…well definitely thousands of years to help upset stomachs and promote healthy digestion. It treats things like indigestion and acid reflux, both of which suck, and its nice to know a safe and healthy alternative.

I add lemon because I thinking it’s yummy and again, feel free to throw in an orange or apple or two, because, why not?

See you all next week with clear skin, healthy digestion and wide awake!

Celine S.