Why Is Everyone So Obsessed With Yoga?

Why Is Everyone So Obsessed With Yoga?

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So, the question that’s been asked time and time again; why is everyone so obsessed with yoga?!

I get it, to some, it looks like an excuse to wear your underwear and lie down on the floor with a bunch of other adults but really, it much more!

There are so many types of yoga, there are even some classes that involve moves that target specific things. A friend recently showed me an app that gave you classes on yoga for better digestion, or yoga that improves your intimate life – when I say there is yoga for everything, PLEASE, believe me!

There are so many physical benefits to yoga, but there are also a lot of mental benefits. I am not going to list them all out because we would be here for a while but I did go through some and found the ones that, in my opinion, show the benefits that would be most relevant in a lot of our lives.

There are a select few that don’t have 9-5 desk jobs, but even then the stresses of work can leave us tired grumpy and overwhelmed.

1. Reduced Pain
For me, this is a big one. I have a lot of back, ankle and knee pain. Now for a young woman, it’s not exactly the coolest conversation starter but its true. Years of sports injuries left me in a bit of mess. Now, this isn’t an original story. No matter your age, there is always something that you may have done years before that has lead to some kind of pain, and if you don’t then parts of your day job might be giving you some grief. One of the pain purposes of yoga is that it targets pain, and works to relieve it.

2. Improved balance.

I feel like for this one a lot of people would give me a funny look but this is actually super important.

Have you ever been walking on a flat surface and all of a sudden you’ve rolled your ankle? There has been no sidewalk, no dip in the road, nothing. Just a flat surface and you’re ‘that person’ that always falls? Well, that ties into your balance. A moment where you lost it and you went tumbling down. It’s not about working to be a start tightrope walker or starting gymnastics because you want to be an Olympian. No, it’s about improving your day to day life.

3. Improved flexibility.

I can also imagine funny looks here, but a lot of us hurt ourselves by training a muscle here or there because we were just not built to bend ‘that way’. And while that may be true, you can learn to flex that way! I feel like this one is more important in the way of preventing injury or some kind. If you have a muscle that is used to being stretched past a certain point, then maybe one day when you go over it won’t be as serious or it may not affect you at all!

4. Build and maintain muscle mass.

This just ties in with fitness. It’s a deceiving exercise to watch. The motions are fluid and dance like and it looks almost effortless, but it actually takes a lot of control, and strength to perform in a way that looks seamless. Don’t underestimate the power required behind the moves!

5. Reduce anxiety

We’re moving onto more of the mental benefits of yoga.

The act of a yoga work out requires you to be a certain mental state, it has been proven that by practicing yoga it can reduce your anxiety, something we have all experienced one way or another.

6. Improved Sleep

I don’t feel like any further explanation is needed. We can have our 8 hours of sleep and wake u[ feeling more tired than we did before. There are certain stages that we go through in sleep, we have a light sleep, our REM stage, and our deep sleep stage. There are certain amounts of time that we need in each of those spaces for us to wake up rested and depending on our headspace sometimes it can be difficult for our brain to shut down long enough for us to recharge, frequent practicing of yoga improves the quality of your sleep!

7. Improves concentration.

Have you ever been at work and found mind wander off, or fallen into a stare at nothing in particular and unable to look away. Little daydreams like this happen to us all, it’s not because we’re not interested in what we are doing but more so because sometimes it is difficult to focus all our mental energy on one thing when we have so much going on that we need to get done ‘right now’. Yoga teaches your this control, each more needs to be executed in a specific way and held for a specific time, this shows discipline and control as well as focus, all things that are then reflected in your day to day life.

8. Mental Wellbeing

This is more of an ‘overall’ point. Taking into account all the previously mentioned points, the outcome can be nothing but positive. It would be sort of foolish to go into anything that new and expects it to be easy and funt he first time around. All good things take time – ever heard of that quote? Well, it is true here, sticking at something and finding you improve bit by bit is how things work. There is a great sort of satisfaction in the moments when you realize you have improved in something.

I encourage you to try yoga. There are many apps that you can download that run you through different classes, or classes around that you can attend in your area. The benefits can only improve your mind and body.

See you next week, can’t wait to see your warrior poses everyone!

Celine S.