Hello, Hello, Hello!

Hello, Hello, Hello!

Hello everyone and welcome!

This is the very first blog post for Get A Life Season 3, and my fingers cannot type fast enough!

This is pretty much just an introductory post, letting all of you Life Lovers know that every week, you will be hearing from me, getting a little something extra in the way of Get A Life, not too shabby eh? I KNOW!

Basically, this will be a space to catch up and to see another side to Get A Life, we will talk about everything the show stands for but we will approach it in a few different ways. The idea is to bring YOU more content from a different aspect, because there is always so much more to share.

Get A Life episodes are, as usual, going to be released once a week and you will hear from me the same amount (maybe more)!

This is a place to start conversation, to share your opinions and to create positive interaction. I can’t wait to create this space with you guys.

See you next week!